Global Diability Summit Argentina
Buenos Aires 6 - 8 JUNE, 2019

Plenary Room

“Civil Society Forum”

6th of june




9:30 to 10:00 hs.

Introductory Session

ECU. Ana Lucía Arellano
ARG. Enzo Rizzi
BRA. Fernanda Santana
ARG. Carlos Colere (M)

10.00 to 11.00 hs.

Session 1: CRPD
enforcement. Civil society perspective for its full and effective implementation.

BRA. Alexandre Mapurunga (M)
BRA. Volmir Raimondi
PER. Rosario Galarza
PAN. Ana Fischer
ARG. Julia Valmarrosa

11:30 to 12:45 hs.

Opening Session

13.00 to 14:00 hs.

Session 2: The 2030 Agenda:
That no region and no person with a disability be left behind.

ARG. Mariano Godachevich
SIN. Lim Puay Tiak
GUA. Otto Mazariegos
MEX. Gabriela Martínez (M)
COL. Samuel Valencia
ARG. Gabriela Agosto

14.15 to 15.30 hs.

Session 3:
Right to Inclusive Education.

ARG. Magdalena Orlando
ARG. Gabriela Santuccione
ARG. Cristina Sanz
ARG. Elena Dal Bó (M)

15.45 to 17.00 hs.

Session 4:
Post-Summit further steps.

CRI. Jorge Luis Díaz
URU. Gabriel Soto
COL. Henry Mejia
ECU. Sebastián Flores (M)
ARG. Representante ANDIS
MEX. Ignez Tristao

17:00 to 18:00 hs.

Closing Session

CAN. Fred Schroeder
ARG. Dominique Paulina Kantor (M)
ARG. Juan Cobeñas


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